Boris A.Ruíz
Boris A.Ruíz Acum 14 ore
shrey gulati
shrey gulati Acum 14 ore
This isn't a song but an emotion.
I’m-_ Matty
I’m-_ Matty Acum 14 ore
3:05 when your wife’s left you 😂
daniel regalado
daniel regalado Acum 14 ore
a.wholevibe _k2
a.wholevibe _k2 Acum 15 ore
I think in order for Man United to win every game CR7 must get angry
Savageprodude Acum 15 ore
Poopy man
Poopy man Acum 15 ore
I think it was number three
Zackko14 Acum 15 ore
If Ronaldo scores a game winner in the Manchester derby, do Manchester is SUUUU
Rogue Acum 15 ore
To think messi might not have left if Suarez didn’t
matheus 6755
matheus 6755 Acum 15 ore
Os brasileiros vocês tem culhão né mas fica chupando a bola dos times gringos
octavio alba murcia
octavio alba murcia Acum 15 ore
You are a genius
Natu Gere
Natu Gere Acum 15 ore
Please we went to more
Natu Gere
Natu Gere Acum 15 ore
I love Ronaldo wenn he said whattttt
Natu Gere
Natu Gere Acum 15 ore
Harsh Manjhu
Harsh Manjhu Acum 15 ore
Zidane spitting facts 1:11
Mahmoud Mostafa
Mahmoud Mostafa Acum 15 ore
semione is a bad losser .. yeesss
Wyrmster Acum 15 ore
Based and Redpilled
Flekx R
Flekx R Acum 15 ore
"Cojones corazon" lol
Abby Mmari
Abby Mmari Acum 15 ore
The coffin dance 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Milos Kandic
Milos Kandic Acum 15 ore
It looks like 442oons Football runner
Baby_ Yoda_YT CZ
Baby_ Yoda_YT CZ Acum 16 ore
Patrik Shick because I am from Czech Republic
Lucas A.
Lucas A. Acum 16 ore
I have a feeling that Messi and Neymar will die together at the bridge game
EM - TZ 1919
EM - TZ 1919 Acum 16 ore
Part 2!!!
Sarangrab Roychowdhury
Sarangrab Roychowdhury Acum 16 ore
That last frame of Messi Suarez and Neymar actually made me cry a bit..😢🥺😫
Soufix Acum 16 ore
7:00 the only way to stop mbappe its giving him a date with ronaldo
kushal arvind Ramesh
kushal arvind Ramesh Acum 16 ore
I like the sequel which was improved version
Lunar Inferno
Lunar Inferno Acum 16 ore
Title: **Ateltico Madrid** Me: irdk what to say her but why does the title say that lol
SCB Creations
SCB Creations Acum 16 ore
Now 3.6 M subscribers! Keep up the work Dean❤️
Soufix Acum 16 ore
Suarez is crying gor seeing this video
Jiří Nosek
Jiří Nosek Acum 16 ore
please win mbappe please
Heart broken Noah💔
Heart broken Noah💔 Acum 16 ore
Why does Ronaldo wear a Manchester city shirt😳?
MO Kh Acum 16 ore
Lukas Popescu
Lukas Popescu Acum 16 ore
Rest in peace Diego Armando Maradona😥⚽️⚽️⚽️🇦🇷
Chinmay Das
Chinmay Das Acum 16 ore
Best 442oons video ever
Xander Hart
Xander Hart Acum 16 ore
I found a error aubameyang died then alive watch back be careful Still great content keep up
Georgeta stefanescu
Georgeta stefanescu Acum 16 ore
Barcelona 3 Bayer 2 2020 bayer 8 Barcelona 2
Neymar Jr
Neymar Jr Acum 16 ore
I done so well with mine
Bayron Tacuri
Bayron Tacuri Acum 16 ore
Haha, one of the girls is Umtiti
kian is GAMING
kian is GAMING Acum 16 ore
i want msn back
Yasin Gamer
Yasin Gamer Acum 16 ore
La liga without the old real and barca is not la liga
Georgeta stefanescu
Georgeta stefanescu Acum 17 ore
Messi nejmar weit Suarez 😭😭😭😭😭MSN
Sabote Fred
Sabote Fred Acum 17 ore
Mark Goldbridge's siiuuuuuuu always get like😂😂😂
Georgeta stefanescu
Georgeta stefanescu Acum 17 ore
Sai MSN sai
🇲🇦lemouk Acum 17 ore
Its the realy final for the MSN messi kille suarez neymar will kill messi😱😱😭😭
Pankanina_again Acum 17 ore
The ultimate shithouse is gone nooooo
Abdullah Aflal
Abdullah Aflal Acum 17 ore
Can't wait to see 3rd part
Mihael Šarić
Mihael Šarić Acum 17 ore
Its obviously Jorginho who else can be masked front man except from Alvaro morata.Haha🤣
Fun tv kids
Fun tv kids Acum 17 ore
Bye treo
Lazy Chicken777
Lazy Chicken777 Acum 17 ore
Lewandoski is coming
Oren Woolf
Oren Woolf Acum 17 ore
I miss msn
Yoyo’s recipes
Yoyo’s recipes Acum 17 ore
360Footballview Acum 17 ore
That was not fair for halland
Turin de Graaff
Turin de Graaff Acum 17 ore
0:09, mata's beard
Samuel Kibrom
Samuel Kibrom Acum 17 ore
Psg is best nao
Sukhdev R34
Sukhdev R34 Acum 17 ore
Why is Carragher that skinny? He's fatter than Neville😂
Ulica Ozrakovici
Ulica Ozrakovici Acum 17 ore
Zovi Ronalda bolan
Chinmoy Mazumdar
Chinmoy Mazumdar Acum 17 ore
Turns out he did drop lionel messi
Samuel Kibrom
Samuel Kibrom Acum 17 ore
Mbappe weil vin the ball len dor
Samuel Kibrom
Samuel Kibrom Acum 17 ore
Marlon Herr
Marlon Herr Acum 18 ore
CRYstal Palace
Lillian Irea
Lillian Irea Acum 18 ore
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Ian Williams
Ian Williams Acum 18 ore
He could save the titanic
Irfan Muhammmed
Irfan Muhammmed Acum 18 ore
Chris and fox gamer
Chris and fox gamer Acum 18 ore
Nice one Dean! ( always feels happy to make my team win ) GGMU 💪🔴 Especially helping the team that made me a pro player United is always in my heart ♥️ But let’s not forget Harry Maguire and Marcus Rashford who also scored and helped us win And great saves by De Gea The rest also did well.
NotMaanQuran Acum 18 ore
Cristiano he came from sporting like bruno Ronaldo Rules
Валентина Иванова
Валентина Иванова Acum 18 ore
GamerKid Acum 18 ore
0:54 Ronaldo's Shirt is Different to the Others
Jakub Rudnik
Jakub Rudnik Acum 18 ore
Win Suarez Au
Dineo motlhanka Dineo
Dineo motlhanka Dineo Acum 18 ore
Didn't aubameyang die
Luyanda Lihlithemba
Luyanda Lihlithemba Acum 18 ore
This is my best episodes of all
optimu ff
optimu ff Acum 18 ore
Matteo Acum 18 ore
Cojones, corazon. The best poetry
it's kingoooom
it's kingoooom Acum 18 ore
Çm ò §àn ŕo mè§þò pè çaà§è?
Mr Antarctida
Mr Antarctida Acum 18 ore
Wow, he remindes of me as a goalkeeper
Manasiz Paul
Manasiz Paul Acum 18 ore
Mark goldbridge😂😂
Xxx123jujuxxX Acum 18 ore
Valentino Acum 18 ore
Pls do ajax vs dortmund
it's kingoooom
it's kingoooom Acum 18 ore
Ďoox ò pè mbappè cavàni ño ñeymar haþþrick çlùb o san
lol buiscuits
lol buiscuits Acum 18 ore
I think the maked frontman is pele